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Join the mission to bring “Leadership Gone Right” to life! We’re in our final week and still need your help to make this diverse anthology of science fiction, fantasy, and horror a reality. We’re at 40% of our goal, and we need you to help us get the rest of the way there!

“Leadership Gone Right” is the first of many anthologies that will be brought to you by Farthest Star Publishing. It’s the proof of concept that people are still looking for quality speculative fiction, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg for Farthest Star Publishing. Soon, we’ll be launching calls for novels, story collections, comics, and more. Help be a part of this. Now is the time!

Do you need a gift idea for that sci-fi, fantasy, or horror fan in your life? Become a backer and have their name printed in the book alongside some of the most exciting new authors out there. Pledge a little more, and you can get them a digital eBook of the Anthology, or a paperback, or even a hardcover. At the same time, you’ll be giving a gift to the writers themselves. If we reach our goal, we’ll add 2 more unique and entertaining stories and double the author’s pay—It’s a win-win!

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And if you're up for supporting budding writers and their fantastic stories, join us on Kickstarter  

Let's make "Leadership Gone Right" a reality together!

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