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Leadership Lineup

Farthest Star Publishing is excited to announce the list of authors (in alphabetical order) for our anthology, “Leadership Gone Right”, and we’d like to thank each and every one of them for their exceptional stories!

Price of Allegiance by Alex Shvartsman

Rosie and the Galactic Ring Hunt by Angelique Fawns

In the Lair of the Snake-Witch by Darin Hlavaz

In Open Air by David Jón Fuller

The Regrets of Heroes by Dean N. D'Amico

Grey Clouds Over a Red Planet by Gustavo Bondoni

Technicality by Holly Schofield

We'd Like to Return This by James Mathis

Hacked Crowns by Jennifer Lott

Call The Launch by John Bredesen

The Orange Table in the Corner by Joyce Frohn

One Blue One Gold by Lezlie Kinyon

T.U. by Mark Best

Truth, Mimes, and Puppy Tales by Matthew Barron

The View from Stickney Crater by Rick Kennett

Thirty Minutes for New Hell by Rick Kennett

The Final Flight of Vice Admiral What's-His-Face by Russell Giles

Between the Chin and Collar by Shane Porteous

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