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Let’s Play a Game…

Ahead of the launch of our initial anthology of gripping science fiction, fantasy, and horror tales called “Leadership Gone Right”, I’d like to share a series of images with you, the writers (and readers).


I’ve thrown together a brief synopsis for each picture that touches on the theme of leadership—questioned, mistrusted, attacked. But here’s the twist: I want you to jump in. Use these images as prompts to craft your own short scenarios that explore the concept of Leadership Gone Right. Let your imagination run wild. Share your take on what leadership (good or evil) means in these fantastical worlds in as few or as many words as you’d like.


Hop on over to Facebook and write something under your favorite scenario, or write something for all of them:




The scenario with the most likes will be featured in the anthology and the writer given a digital version of the volume.


(None of these scenarios are featured in the anthology in any way).


It’s your turn!




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