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Longer stories submissions open to all!

Longer Stories

Farthest Star Publishing is thrilled to announce an open submission call for stories and novellas that transport readers to distant worlds. Whether you're an established author or a fresh voice in speculative fiction, we invite you to contribute to our growing catalog of novellas, chapbooks, and "forgotten format" works.

We love science fiction, from space opera to deep existential dread.

Fantasy: yes, please. Give us unique takes on enchanted worlds or show us how magic fits into our modern day.

As for horror... we’ll peek through our fingers as you scare the pants off us.

Submission Guidelines:​

·        Word Count: 8,000 to 17,000 words.

·        Submissions Open: March 30, 2024, and are ongoing.

·        Please send your manuscript as an [.rtf file] in standard manuscript format to In the subject line, type “Longer Stories” Submission - [TITLE] – [WORD COUNT]. We prefer Shunn modern format. If you don’t know what that is, click here:

·        A short cover letter is advised. Remember to put your name and the title of your story.

·        Multiple submissions are welcome, but no more than three works from any author.

·        Simultaneous Submissions: Yes, just let us know if your story has been accepted elsewhere.

·        Reprints: Accepted and preferred, but only if the work hasn't been published in the last three years. (Let us know where and when).

·        AI Content: Sorry, but we do not accept content written wholly by AI at this time. Grammar and style checkers, plotting helpers, and general writing tools are acceptable.

·        Compensation: $10 for accepted stories.

·        Rights: We seek non-exclusive World English Rights for print and digital formats.


We're looking to compile a catalog of standalone stories that will be published on their own in paperback and eBook. We intend to provide our readers with stories that can be read in one or two sittings, are relatively inexpensive, offer the reader the chance to sample new authors and diverse voices without the obligation of a 500-page novel, and with stories that offer the tighter focus only shorter works can bring.

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