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"A Life on Air" by D. A. D'Amico -  eBook (epub)

"A Life on Air" by D. A. D'Amico - eBook (epub)

During a routine training mission in the treacherous skies above Venus,

Amrisha watches helplessly as Ricky Zhao’s plane strikes a mysterious

object and is crushed in the unforgiving heat and pressure of the thick

lower atmosphere. In her attempts to save him, she misses her fuel

cutoff point. It is a deadly mistake.


Unable to return to the safety of Hezuo Base, Amrisha has no choice

but to dock with the derelict American platform and await rescue.

But rescue is months away, and she is truly alone for the first time

in her life.


With her lifeline hanging by a thread and the hope of rescue rapidly

receding with the fierce Venusian winds, communication falters. She is

cut off. Her fate hangs entirely on her own ingenuity. But will that be



Meanwhile, at Hezuo Base, a determined team of scientists refuses to

accept defeat, scrambling to orchestrate a daring rescue mission

against all odds. Amidst the chaos, tensions run high, with doubts

swirling about whether they'll find Amrisha alive or merely recover

her remains. With time slipping away and the station's shutdown looming

ominously, every moment becomes a precious commodity in the race

against the inevitable. Will their efforts be enough to save her, or is it

already too late?


In a heart-stopping climax, the ultimate battle between human resilience

and the merciless forces of nature unfolds in a breathtaking spectacle of

survival and sacrifice. Prepare for a thrilling adventure where life

hangs in the balance, and hope springs eternal in the darkest of skies.

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