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"Frozen Dreams" by Gustavo Bondoni - Paperback

"Frozen Dreams" by Gustavo Bondoni - Paperback

In the cold expanse of space where dreams collide with harsh reality, Natalie finds herself navigating a treacherous journey of self-discovery aboard the Independent Tug Hopper. When a chance encounter brings Enji, a woman from her parent’s past, into her life, Natalie's world is turned upside down.

As tensions rise and secrets unravel, Natalie learns the truth about her mother's departure on the generation ship Aurora, and her father’s sacrifice to stay behind and raise her. Faced with the weight of her family's legacy, Natalie must confront her own desires and fears as she grapples with the daunting prospect of leaving everything behind for the unknown.

With the clock ticking and danger looming on the horizon, Natalie hatches a daring plan to secure passage to Tau Ceti for herself and the enigmatic Enji. But as they embark on a perilous journey to negotiate with the crew of the Stargazer, Natalie realizes that the true adventure lies not in the vast reaches of space, but in the depths of her own heart.

Join Natalie, Aguri, and Enji as they navigate the twists of fate, forging bonds that defy gravity, and discovering that sometimes the greatest journey is the one within.

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