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"Leadership Gone Right" - 2024 Anthology eBook (epub)

"Leadership Gone Right" - 2024 Anthology eBook (epub)

A captivating anthology featuring 18 tales of unconventional leadership and unexpected twists from the realms of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.


In this groundbreaking collection, readers will embark on a thrilling journey through worlds where leadership takes on new meanings, and the boundaries of conventional wisdom are challenged. From gripping tales of intergalactic intrigue to epic showdowns against ancient evils, each story promises to captivate and intrigue readers from start to finish.


Highlights from the anthology include:


“Price of Allegiance” by Alex Shvartsman: Embark on a thrilling journey into the depths of intergalactic intrigue as Earth's ambassador, Alastair Tobin, navigates a high-stakes game of loyalty and deception with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance.


“In the Lair of the Snake-Witch” by Darin Hlavaz: Join seasoned warrior Aaram and the enigmatic wizard Ophiuchus as they brave treacherous marshlands and face a dreaded serpent-witch in a gripping narrative of courage, betrayal, and redemption.


“Hacked Crowns” by Jennifer Lott: Meet Thebby, caught between duty and conscience in a corrupt system, as she uncovers a secret plot to overthrow oppression and fights for justice and change against ruthless adversaries.


“Grey Clouds Over a Red Planet” by Gustavo Bondoni: Experience a daring experiment challenging human resilience on the desolate expanse of Mars, where young Kirit finds himself drawn into a mesmerizing tale of courage, sacrifice, and the unbreakable bond between man and nature.


“Between the Chin and Collar” by Shane Porteous: Venture into a world where ancient legends clash with the mundane as Lortor risks everything to confront a deadly threat with the enigmatic Brettlestrux warrior, Parim Kolod, in a riveting tale of epic proportions.

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