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Embrace the Power of “Leadership Gone Right”: A Call for Kickstarter Support

Dear enthusiasts of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror,


Our Kickstarter campaign stands at a critical juncture in these final 48 hours. We’re currently halfway to our goal to bring forth an anthology encapsulating the theme of "Leadership Gone Right." This collection will delve into speculative worlds, exploring the essence of effective leadership amidst the fantastical.


Our endeavor transcends mere storytelling—it champions emerging voices within the realms of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Imagine becoming a part of this. Have your name immortalized within the pages of this anthology, positioned alongside promising new authors. Your backing extends beyond a simple pledge; it stands as a testament to these writers, granting them the acknowledgment and visibility they rightfully deserve.


Consider this more than a contribution. With varying pledge levels, you have the opportunity to acquire a digital eBook, a paperback, or even a hardcover edition of "Leadership Gone Right." It's a chance to indulge yourself or present a captivating gift to a fellow aficionado of speculative fiction.


Achieving our funding goal ensures that these writers receive double the compensation. Your support becomes an investment in their craft, fostering creativity and enabling their pursuit of storytelling excellence.


Farthest Star Publishing specializes in amplifying diverse voices and breathing life into unique narratives. Join us by signing up for our newsletter, or on Facebook to let us know how we’re doing.


And don’t forget to acknowledge our talented authors, and at the same time treat yourself to a collection that transports you to extraordinary worlds by pledging our Kickstarter. Let us together transform the vision of "Leadership Gone Right" from objective to reality.


Share the excitement! Even if you can’t pledge, spread the word and become an integral part of bringing this anthology to fruition. Let's make "Leadership Gone Right" a reality together!


Thank you.


—David D’Amico


Farthest Star Publishing

Where will your farthest star take you?


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