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Our First Podcast Interview

Had a great interview with Cooper Anderson at Beyond the Manuscript podcast. We talked about writing, shared worlds, and the future of Farthest Star Publishing.

I spoke about my desire to publish more works in what I like to call the "forgotten formats", stories between 8,000-15,000 words that are a hard sell in today's magazine markets. I also spoke about how Farthest Star Publishing is interested in these stories whether they've been previously published or not. First publication is terrific, but some stories deserve to be read again and by a wider audience.

I spoke about my desire to continue to publish themed anthologies, at least 2 per year. I know I enjoy reading several very different takes on the same base theme, and I hope our readers do as well.

One of the more unique things we spoke about is Farthest Star Publishing's shared universe project called "The Fracture". It is a world filled with a crazy blend of science, religion, and magic that we hope to open up to our writers in the near future. If anyone is interested in knowing more, just drop us an email with the word Fracture in the subject line.




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