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News from the Farthest Star

Welcome to Farthest Star Publishing


Are you ready to embark on an interstellar journey into the realms of imagination, where the boundaries of science fiction, fantasy, and horror are pushed to their limits? We certainly are, and we're thrilled to introduce you to our brand-new publishing venture, Farthest Star Publishing!

At Farthest Star Publishing, we're igniting the flames of creativity and imagination to bring you some of the most exciting and original new voices in speculative fiction. As we prepare to set our course for the uncharted territories of the literary cosmos, we want to share our mission, vision, and the opportunities we have in store for writers and readers alike.

Our Cosmic Mission

Farthest Star Publishing is founded on a simple yet profound principle: to provide a platform for independent writers, both emerging and established, who possess the burning desire to explore the farthest reaches of their creativity. We believe that every writer, no matter their background or experience, has the potential to be a star in the ever-expanding universe of speculative fiction.

The Genres We Champion

Our starship is set to traverse the three galaxies of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. These genres have long been the breeding grounds for mind-bending concepts, magical worlds, and spine-tingling tales. If you have a manuscript that could transport readers to distant planets, conjure enchanting realms, or send shivers down their spines, Farthest Star Publishing is the launchpad for your journey.

Calls for Submissions

We are thrilled to announce that we will soon be opening our airlocks for submissions. If you're an indie writer with a story that defies gravity and invites readers to explore new frontiers, we want to hear from you. Whether you're an established author or a newcomer to the cosmos of publishing, we encourage you to submit your work. Our team of editors and literary explorers are eager to discover fresh voices and exciting tales that will take readers on unforgettable journeys.

Themed Anthologies

One of our signature offerings at Farthest Star Publishing will be our themed anthologies. We'll be curating and publishing collections of short stories that revolve around specific themes within our beloved genres. These anthologies will be a celebration of diversity, creativity, and the boundless scope of speculative fiction. Keep an eye out for our anthology submission calls, and who knows, your story might become a shining star in one of our collections.

Shared-World Anthology

But that's not all! We're taking it a step further with our shared-world anthology project. Imagine collaborating with other writers to contribute to a larger, interconnected universe. This is a unique opportunity for writers to create and explore a vibrant, shared setting, allowing stories to weave in and out of each other, forming an expansive tapestry of narrative. We can't wait to unveil more details about this thrilling project.

Join Us on Our Journey

Farthest Star Publishing is more than just a publishing house; it's a community of authors, readers, and explorers of the unknown. We invite you to embark on this adventure with us. Stay connected with us on our website and social media channels for updates, submission guidelines, and news about our upcoming releases.

As we prepare for the launch of Farthest Star Publishing, we're filled with excitement and anticipation for the incredible stories and universes that await discovery. Our journey to the farthest star begins with you, the writers who will help us chart our course, and the readers who will accompany us on this epic voyage.

Thank you for your support, and get ready to set your sights on the farthest star! The universe of speculative fiction is vast, and we can't wait to explore it together.

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Lisa Freedman
Lisa Freedman
09 de nov. de 2023

Cool sight man!! Far out!

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